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Goodbye for the Summer for the Summer<p>​Thank you Hillsdale School Community for the amazing school year that was.</p><p>What a wonderful bunch of kids we've got here!</p><p>On behalf of Hillsdale Staff, we wish for you a restful / fun-filled / safe & happy Summer!</p><p>PS The School Office will be open July 2nd through 5th next week and we open up again the week of August 27th.</p><p>Thanks for everything, Shelley Clark, Principal</p>
THANK YOU! YOU!<p>​Thanks for supporting the 1st Annual End-of-Year Celebration.  The Silent Auction was so much fun!  We heard positive comments about the Beavertails Food Truck.  School Council has already discussed plans to make this annual event even better and more fun for next June!  Thanks again to our School Council for planning and putting on this event for our school!</p>
THIS WEEK! Character/Track & Field Assembly; and that's not all! WEEK! Character/Track & Field Assembly; and that's not all!<p>​This is a busy week at Hillsdale ES!</p><p>Our final <strong>Character Assembly</strong> of the school year is being held tomorrow - Tuesday, June 19 at 10 am.  Immediatley following our nutrition break and recess, the <strong>Track & Field Assembly</strong> will take place for students in Grades 4 to 8.</p><p>On Wednesday there are three things happening that could involve your student.</p><p>#1 Senior Kindergartens are <strong>MOVING ON UP</strong>! PM</p><p>#2 Safety Patrollers are going to <strong>Orr Lake</strong> to golf!</p><p>#3 The <strong>Boys Intermediate Softball</strong> team is heading off to an all-day tournament!</p><p>And that's not all...</p><p><strong>FRIDAY IS WATER PLAY DAY!</strong></p>
Emergency Preparedness Preparedness<p>​Today we had the first of three Fire drills we will be holding over the next two weeks.</p><p>We are also having:</p><p>- a Lockdown Drill</p><p>- a Tornado Drill</p><p>_ an Evacuation Drill</p><p>These are mandatory drills that the SCDSB requires schools to have in the Spring term.</p><p>Please don't worry if your child comes home with a story about a drill.  In a true emergency situation, you would receive appropriate and timely communication from the school or SCDSB.</p><p>Thanks!  And hope to see you the evening of June 13th for the 1st Annual Hillsdale End of Year Celebration!</p>
Thank you to Hillsdale ES School Council you to Hillsdale ES School Council<p>​A sincere thank you for providing a wonderful luncheon to our school staff this past Tuesday, May 29.  It was very much appreciated, not to mention, delicious!</p><p>Thank you to our dedicated School Council for all they have done to support Hillsdale ES this past school year.  School Council has planned and organized school events and fundraising.  This is just a partial list of how School Council members have contributed to the School:</p><p>Snow Valley Coupons</p><p>Christmas Feast</p><p>2 Wendy's Nights</p><p>Bunny Hop</p><p>Big Box of Birthday Cards</p><p>PRO Grant: Family Fitness</p><p>End-of-Year Celebration</p>
Dates to Mark on Your Calendar to Mark on Your Calendar<p>​May 29 - Food Orders going home for Beavertails & Poutine<br></p><p>May 30 - Warrior Fitness, Session 2.  6-6:45 JK-Gr. 3; 7-7:45 Gr. 4-8</p><p>May 31, 2:15 PM - Character Assembly.  Please note this is a change in date/time.<br></p><p>June 1 - PA Day</p><p>June 4 - School Track & Field Day (hopefully no rain!)</p><p>June 5 - Wildlife Fitness, 6-7 pm</p><p>June 6 - FOOD ORDERS DUE FOR BEAVERTAILS & POUTINE for June 13 School Community get-together.<br></p><p>June 13 - 1st Annual Hillsdale End-of-Year Event, 6-8 pm<br></p>
BAG-2-SCHOOL - Send Your Unwanted Clothing to School! - Send Your Unwanted Clothing to School!<p>​Bag-2-School is at HILLSDALE!  We will accept all mens' womens' and childrens' clothing!  Footwear, outerwear, hats, mittens, scarves, belts, towels, purses, handbags, backpacks, soft bags and linens!</p><p>HAVE ITEMS HERE BY MAY 22 OR MAY 23!  THE TRUCK IS ARRIVING FOR PICK-UP ON MAY 23.</p><p>1. Put unwanted clothing in a bag or box.</p><p>2. Bring them to school.</p><p>3. Donations are collected and weighed.</p><p>4. School receives payment based on weight!</p>
CANCELLED - You Are the Parent - You Are the Parent<p>​You Are the Parent speaker is cancelled for this evening (May 16/18).  We are planning to hold this session in the fall of 2018.</p>
What do you have on this Wednesday? (May 16) do you have on this Wednesday? (May 16)<p>​Hillsdale ES is hosting a parent session from 6-7 pm the evening of Wednesday, May 16 from 6 - 7 pm.</p><p>Speaker Lyndsey Stevanato will talk about the influence of healthy eating, physical activity, sleep and screen time on children's well-being.  You will hear some useful parening tips that you can implement to get your family active and healthier!  There will be light refreshments.  Please come on out!  The remaining sessions in this series will occur on Wednesday, May 23rd & 30th with Warrior Fitness:  JK/SK - Gr. 3 from 6-6:45 pm and Gr. 4-8 from 7-7:45 pm.  The last session will occur on June 5th with Wildlife Fitness - all ages join us from 6-7 pm.  These events are brought to you by our School Council and PRO Grant funding from the Ministry of Education. </p><p>ALSO on Wednesday, May 16, from 1 - 2 pm, we are hosting a "tea" (cake, cookies & punch) for our volunteers in the school library.  Thank you so much for all you do for our students and school.</p><p>FINALLY Our new to JK Orientation is occuring Thursday, May 17 from 6-7 pm.  We hope to see many of our new little people and there families.</p>
Education Week & Children's Mental Health Week Week & Children's Mental Health Week<p>​To celebrate Education Week & Children's Mental Health Week, we are hosting <strong>UPMind</strong> afternoons for all of our students on Wed. May 9 in the afternoon and Friday, May 11 in the morning.  Each staff member will host one mindful activity; and 9 mixed-grade teams will rotate through each of the 9 activities.  Activities include such things as stick weaving, drumming & yoga, mindful safari (nature walk), mindful colouring, etc.  The activities take place indoors and outdoors.  Our Grade 8s will be assisting teachers at the 9 activities; and, our Grade 7s will be leading the teams as they rotate from activity to activity.</p><p><strong>BIG BOX OF BIRTHDAY CARDS</strong> is still on!  Get your Birthday Cards at Hillsdale ES.  This fundraiser is open until May 14.</p><p>A flyer will be going home soon outlining 5 evenings of <strong>Family Fitness </strong>Fun that are taking place at Hillsdale ES.  Mark these evening dates on your calendar, and come on out to the school for learning, fitness and fun!  <strong>Thanks to our School Council</strong> for organiznig Big Box of Cards fundraiser AND the evening events occuring between May 16 and June 5.</p>