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Eco Team


Every Tuesday is Trashless Tuesday!

Starting in December the Eco Team will be promoting Trashless Tuesdays at school. Please have your children bring in Trashless lunches, meaning that there is no garbage brought to school in their lunch.

The purpose:

  • To encourage the 'at home connection' in our eco-initiatives.
  • To decrease waste.
  • To increase dialogue about waste.

On Tuesdays, the garbage cans in each classroom and most work areas will be turned over and will be unavailable that day. Students will be bringing home any garbage that they brought to school.

​About Waste-Free Lunches

School lunches are a major source of waste in Ontario – the average student’s lunch generates a total of 30 kilograms of waste per school year, or an average of 8,500 kilograms of waste per school per year. With your assistance, we can make a great contribution to reducing waste, every day.

Please help your child pack waste-free lunches and help us fulfill a number of goals: 

  • Celebrate and learn about Waste Reduction Week using a “3Rs” approach to reduce, reuse and recycle so that less waste is created from school lunches. Reduce the cost of waste disposal so the school’s resources can be put to better use.

  • Encourage fresh and nutritious lunches (many pre-packaged lunch items contain significant amounts of sodium, preservatives and fat).

  • Broaden the understanding of materials that we can recycle, how recycling works and promote recycling in school and at home.

  • Help you reduce the cost of lunches: a waste-free lunch can cost as little as $2.50 per day, whereas a regular lunch containing pre-packaged items can cost $4.50 or more per day.

Parents and Guardians are invited to visit to download various resources and to watch instructional videos about how to shop for and pack a waste-free lunch and for other resources.

We look forward to your support and hope you will consider packing waste-free lunches on a regular basis following the Waste-Free Lunch Challenge.

Waste-Free Lunch Tips